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Our vision is a world where diaspora communities actively participate positively in the social, political, and economic lives of their home countries, and where governments and institutions actively engage their citizens in a multipolar, globally connected context.

Staying connected

One of our featured services is our tailored and data-driven approach to voter engagement. Every community deserves a unique and specialized strategy that resonates emotionally and humanistically.


Our approach is people driven in all facets of engagement and outreach. Whether it be canvassing, texting, phone calls, or digital organizing, you can expect high-quality, multi-lingual campaigns that translate directly into votes and support for a given candidate or issue.

  • Expertly Targeted Field Canvassing - Our firm specializes in geographic micro-targeting and tailored messaging to match. Our canvass teams have a proven track record of building community relationships, moving people to action.
  • Cutting Edge Phone Programs - With phone programs being gutted due to scam/spam cell carrier flags, you need a partner with the expertise to work around these issues. Our firm has in-house tools that allow us to bypass these barriers, giving us nearly double the number of conversations than the competition.
  • Culturally Competent Digital Organizing - Digital organizing has become an oversaturated marketplace. Our team has the digital infrastructure and experience to create effective engagement through the metaverse via targeted social media ads, digital town halls, and more.
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  • Local TV and Print Advertisement - Our firm has media relationships with hyper-local and culturally focused news outlets. We will be able to get your message to your citizens through their usual news cycle, creating organic grassroots investment. Whether it be a one-time news piece or a recurring segment, we will ensure your constituents hear your message thousands of miles away.

  • Community-Based Engagement and Education - With over 30 years of community organizing experience, our team can engage your citizens through digital and in-person town halls allowing you to communicate directly with your constituents. We can also develop and mentor community leaders to serve as on-the-ground spokespersons for your government to create an ever-developing pipeline of trusted messengers for your citizens abroad.

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International Election Observer Recruitment

Maintaining our Integrity

Fair and transparent elections have become a central issue in global politics. To further this global focus, we have programs that recruit, train, and transport international election observers to ensure their home country’s elections are fair and just. This can be included in broader campaign coalition building and community engagement or as a stand-alone service.

  • Dedicated Recruitment Efforts - Our firm takes a community-organizing approach to our recruitment process. We start well before the election date, engaging with diaspora communities and building relationships with potential observers. In addition to educating them about election observation, we will ensure they don't have pre-existing loyalties to opposing candidates to prevent adverse outcomes.

  • Consistent Connection and Ongoing Training - As we develop your cohort of election observers, we will keep them engaged through periodic updates on election results, campaign season timelines, and ongoing observer training and information as processes change and develop. This provides you an excellent recurring cohort of observers for future elections.

El registro de ciudadanos en todo el mundo para participar en el voto en el exterior es un recurso aún no explotado para los partidos políticos y las campañas electorales.

Nuestro equipo se especializa en registrar diásporas para los países mencionados anteriormente. No solo registramos estas diásporas para votar, sino que también nos mantenemos conectados con estas comunidades con actualizaciones constantes sobre los calendarios políticos de sus países de origen, lo que permite una activación rápida y ágil cuando sea necesario.

  • Community-based Registration - Our firm will recruit and train organizers from each community of citizens we must register. Organizers will employ multiple engagement methods, from house visits to town halls. The key to success is building relationships with the voters ahead of the election to ensure quality turnout and engagement when ballots are live.

  • Diverse Engagement Tools - Our organizers will be equipped with various skills and tools to register their community. Our firm will develop culturally-relevant social media content to help drive organic online engagement. In parallel, our organizers will also have tools for in-person connection. From iPads to expertly crafted talking points, organizers will be able to register potential voters at their home or the local supermarket.

Diaspora Voter Registration

Top Level Diaspora Messaging

Getting the word out

Our consulting firm specializes in helping diaspora communities engage in the political process of their home countries, specifically in regard to election participation.


We understand diaspora communities' challenges in staying connected to their home countries. We are committed to providing guidance and support to help them have a voice in the democratic process.

  • Building Connections to Home - Whether they are new migrants or have been away for years, we will craft stories to empower them to use their political power. As we connect with new community members, we will capture their personal stories to share with others in similar positions. This builds a human connection to the process and makes them WANT to participate.

  • Ever-evolving Messaging - As you share updates about the political discourse in their home country, we will mold our messaging to reflect those updates. Our team also constantly researches relevant news and data to keep our message cutting edge. These messages will be shared face-to-face, over the phone, via text, traditional TV, or social media. We will layer these messaging avenues to build concrete interest and connection to their home country.

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